When will I receive an order confirmation?

·         Your order confirmation will be e-mailed to you within 30-minutes of placing a successful order.


How do I check the status of my order?

        ·          You may check the status of your order by logging in to your account, clicking on “Orders,” and clicking in to the corresponding “Order Details,” accordingly.


When will my order ship?

·         Orders typically ship within 48-hours of being placed. Please see our Shipping Policy for more detailed information regarding shipping times and services.


When will I get my tracking number?

·          You will be sent a shipping notification e-mail that includes your USPS tracking information once your order ships.


I am having problems placing my order and it won’t go through. What should I do?

·         If you are having problems with you order, there may be a problem with your credit card information, billing or shipping address. The billing address should match exactly what your bank has on file. Please review all information closely and look for any typos. You may also contact Customer Service at 404-692-1326 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.


How do I change something on my order?

·          Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to your order once it has been placed. If you are attempting to cancel your order, please call our Customer Service department immediately.  Once our warehouse has fulfilled the order, we are unable to cancel it.


I just placed my order and I want to add something to it. How do I do that?

·         Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to an existing order.  However, if you place a new order that can be shipped with your existing order, usually within 24-hours, we will refund you the shipping cost on your new order.


Will I have to pay taxes on my order?

·         Taxes are assessed based on the municipality that the order is shipping to, not the billing address. If the shipping municipality assesses tax on retail apparel sales, then you will be charged the appropriate tax on your purchase.


Was I charged twice for my order?

·         Your card is only charged once for the amount of the items you purchased, when those items are shipped.  When an order is placed, we pre-authorize the card to ensure that sufficient funds are available, and to verify account authenticity. The authorization will “drop-off” typically within 3-7 days, depending on your bank.

When does my card get charged?

·         We pre-authorize your card at the time the order is placed.  We do not charge your card until your order ships.


Why did you cancel my order?

·         On the rare occasion that the item you ordered is out of stock or damaged, we will cancel your order. We assure you that this is not a common occurrence.  Your order may also be canceled due to fraud prevention measures. In either case, you will be notified by us.


Do you ship internationally?

·         At this time we do not offer international shipping.  However, we hope to offer international shipping in the near future.


How do I return or exchange an item I purchased?

·         You may return an item to us, so long as it meets Return Policy guidelines. You can review or Return Policy here. You may also contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Order Number.


How long will it take to process my return?

·         Returns are processed within 7-days of us receiving your package.


I’m unsure about sizing and have a question regarding fit. Where is your size chart?

·         You may find our Size Chart here.  Please remember that this should only be used as a general guide for sizing.


Why am I receiving e-mails from ImTrendie?

·         You may opt out of receiving marketing campaign e-mails from ImTrendie by Logging In to My Account, clicking “Personal Data,” and unchecking the ImTrendie e-mail list box.


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